10 Simple Things We Indians Can Do To Stop The Coronavirus

Staying safe from coronavirus

Written by Vishal Bandre

Engineer, Blogger

March 21, 2020

The deadly Coronavirus is reached to India. Panic is on the rise. Fake news has skyrocketed. There are mixed opinions all over social media. Who to trust and whom to ignore, now, that is the real question.

We Indians are good at doing something that must be done. It’s our responsibility to stop it from further spreading in your country. If we trace the history we always have been in front of any dangerous situation, it may be a pandemics or battles.

Is it possible to prevent the spread of this pandemic? Countries like India where billions of people communicate with each other, where trains, buses, and other public transports are general in daily use.

Most of the people are low-medium income categories. How can they keep themselves safe during the Coronavirus outbreak? As a responsible citizen of India, it is our responsibility to stay safe and keep our friends and family from getting infected.

I’m sharing these 10 simple everyday things we can practice to make India, as well as the world a safer place from pandemics like Corona as well as similar.

Maintain cleanliness

be kind be clean take care
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Wash your hands, wear clean clothes. Coronavirus spreads via touch and unsafe contacts. Avoid them. Washing your hands properly with sanitizer can immune you from the possible infection. Use tissues and dispose of them once used.

Stay home when sick

If you feel any kind of fever, illness or sickness stay at home. Avoid getting in touch with public places, you are quite vulnerable to COVID-19 because of your weak immune system.

We Indians are very fond of traveling and having an entertaining vacation, this time we are in crisis and we have to maintain some rules in order to make our country a safer place for us and our future civilizations.

Stay at your home for some time, we will be back outdoors soon. We are doing it well, we will try to maintain the same for some more time.

Avoid touching your face

Avoid frequently touching your face, indirectly and unknowingly you are making your face to directly come up in contact with possible bacteria that might have present on your hands.

Keep cleaning surfaces that touch often

Like home furniture, tables, mobile screens, laptops, chairs, and other frequently used utensils.

Avoid close contact with others

As the corona bacteria transmit via touch avoid close contact with other people or utensils, like glasses, pens, mobile phones. Don’t use personal things of other people like combs, handkerchiefs, spectacles, lighters. Even in times of crisis, avoid sharing your nail cutters.

Yes, we Indians follow, the “Atithi Devo Bhava” culture, but, in this time of crisis, we can make some reservations to save our culture. Atithi to aate jaate rahenge, ees baar thoda adjust kar lenge wah.

Cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing

You can avoid spreading the infection by properly covering your mouth with a tissue or something handy when coughing and sneezing. This will prevent possible viral infection.

Don’t spread or trust the fake news

Reduce your sources of news. Follow official health organizations like WHO, their social media accounts and blogs. Don’t spread the fake rumors and news, if anyone is doing the same, be a responsible citizen and handle them with proper tools. You know if, what I mean. We Indians are experts at this.

Avoid unnecessary public gatherings

No need to attends marriage ceremonies or parties for some time. Why take a risk and make yourself as well as other people are unsafe. Avoid unnecessary gatherings, we can do that later, once this crisis ends. If you are more free time and feeling bored, you can do TikTok, #lol.

Follow the working from home culture

When working from home you have to keep yourself positive throughout the day. There are chances your productivity may get reduced in the home environment. Keeping yourself positive is not that difficult, just make sure you read this article to keep yourself positive when working from home.

Practice the meditation

Yes, it’s extremely effective to keep yourself calm and be positive.

Keep in touch with your friends and family over the phone, WhatsApp or video chats.

And the most important things, if you are an NRI and want to come back to India in times of crisis, kindly, contact and visit the support authorities, there are chances you bring some more COVID-19 guests with you. Please co-operate with the authorities, they will guide you further. Be a responsible person.

Support, the prime minister of India Mr. Modi in preventing the Corona. On the 22 March of 2020, our whole country will be following the Janta Curfew, thing. Everyone will stay home, no one will enter on the road from 7 AM to 9 PM. These fourteen hours will play a major role in breaking the possible COVID-19 chain.

We IndianCrook-News & Media appeal to all the responsible citizens of India to support our PM in these times of crisis and stay at home. Let’s fight back the Coronavirus, and win one more battle, which has been our culture for a long time.

how to stay healthy and avoid coronavirus
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