How To Keep Yourself Entertained In The Times Of Lockdown

Written by Vishal Bandre

Engineer, Blogger

March 25, 2020

Hello, fellow Indians, we are living in dangerous times, especially due to the coronavirus breakout in India. Some of doing their work from home things. Some have something engaging to do while spending time at home. But, doing that same thing, again and again, will make you feel homesick. You can do many interesting things to keep yourself engaged with your family.

Here are some interesting things, we have listed down to help you pass this heartbreaking times.

Watching your favorite movies

You can watch your favorite movies one more time. In the time of home lockdown, it is quite awkward to spend time, especially when you are not a caged bird type person. In everyday life, you may not get time to watch your favorite entertainment things, now, but this a perfect time to give it a try.

What about, trying the movies you never thought about, rather than your favorite genre?

Reading interesting books

Haven’t you in favour of reading the books? You can read different types of books throughout this 21 day lockdown period. Reading a book is quite helpful. If you read a novel, you can experience many lives lived by characters in one go.

No need to pick those technical or mind skewing books. Go with novels, choose from your favorite genres. Try mystery, fiction, science fiction, horror, novels give them to try and see whether they help you in passing the time or not. Watching movies is not that bad, but without spending much on data you can enjoy the same feeling by reading the novel using digital means.

Playing indoor games

You can play indoor games, with the children or your siblings or any family member. You can play cards games, chess, or anything can is possible in your house. Kids! Follow this link, there are more than 40 indoor game ideas for you.


In the times of corona, you can try anything, like cooking knitting and almost everything that can be done inside the four walls. Going into the kitchen and trying something new recipe would not harm you. It is the perfect time to go and do something interesting in the kitchen if you haven’t have done anything yet.

For the housewives, they are specially trained to do everything housing activities for making food, taking care of everyone to spend free time on something productive, like trying new recipes, knitting, and all that skilly stuff. You can try different foods and recipes to spend your free time.


Generally, making gossips is not that appreciated. Chatting and passing times on the things that don’t mean anything to you is a total waste. But, you know what you can employ this freely available Corona time on gossiping over anything.

It might not buy you anything beneficial but, will help you in passing the time of this 21 days to some extent. Feeling homesick and getting depressed is one thing and instead of doing that, making some interesting gossiping is another one.

Learning different skills:

You can spend your time learning something new. Like, web development, application development, machine learning, graphics design, digital marketing, content creation, blogging, social media and many interesting things that can pass your time and also make you ready to enhance your career. Here is an article listing such top 9 things that can you try while you are stuck in a home lockdown.

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