India Under The Complete Lockdown From Midnight

Written by Vishal Bandre

Engineer, Blogger

March 24, 2020

After the outbreak of this deadly virus, the whole world faced downtime in everyday activities. All companies and businesses decided to follow the work from home policy. All possible social distancing measures have employed, but the virus breakout is not under control. So, finally, the Indian government has decided to employ the 21 days complete lockdown in India.

In order to contain the coronavirus completely Indian government finally has decided to enforce the complete lockdown for the next 21 days from midnight. Indian Prime Minister Mr. Modi in today in his prime ministerial speech declared the 21 days complete lockdown. After the successful completion of Janta Curfue for 12 hours, this is a major step by PM to contain the deadly virus.

It’s become extremely necessary to maintain social distancing. Coronavirus cases have reached 519 today, which is a serious sign of a deadly virus outbreak in India. This is a time to take some serious measures to cope with the situation. So, the lockdown which will be activated from this midnight will help in maintaining the social distancing and all the possible measure to stop the virus spreading and other related harmful things.

When addressing the India PM Modi had advised not to trust the rumors and superstitions which might by any irresponsible social media broadcasters, because it will only create panic and will not help at all to contain the situation.

During the address, PM appealed to handle the 21 days lockdown seriously, which is exceptionally necessary, if anything goes wrong, we will be thrown back nearby 21 years in history.

World Health Organization has declared the corona outbreak as a pandemic. Many countries are already suffering from this heavy breakout. The Indian government has responded to this by announcing the 21 days complete lockdown in the whole of India. India will be shut down for the next 21 days from midnight.

As a responsible citizen of India, it is the responsibility of every Indian to follow the instructions and making the country a safer place for everyone.

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